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Below you will find courses designed to help you:
✅ Align your team with foundational knowledge.
✅ Unlearn everyday misconceptions.
✅ Develop richer characters with dynamic variety.
✅ Uncover new ways to build expressive faces.

Course Offerings

The following is a list of existing courses. If you’re looking for something more specific, speciality lectures can be built upon request. Shoot me an email for custom lectures – facetheFACS@melindaozel.com

For those seeking a comprehensive FACS overview

FACS Cram Session

2-hour standalone lesson on basic FACS shapes & corresponding anatomy

For those who want to go beyond the basics

Fast Track to FACS+

multiple lectures with a deeper look into FACS, combo shapes, & beyond

For those who need to know it all

Next Level FACS & Facial Diversity

multiple lectures on complex anatomical structures, facial variation, & how FACS plays into it all

For those with more specific needs

Specialty Subjects by Request

if it's about the face, you can ask

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