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  • extended reference guides for…
    • upper face actions with front-facing and 3/4 views
    • eyebrow combinations with front-facing and 3/4 views
    • lower face actions with front-facing and 3/4 views
    • facial mocap / posed expression capture tips & tricks

  • access to exclusive research write-ups and educational articles on…
    • facial expressions
    • under-researched topics in anatomy
    • behavior
    • animal anatomy (great for creature artists!)

The subscription-based reference guides are much more detailed than the basic FACS Cheat Sheet. I have spent eight years studying, practicing, and observing facial expressions in a multitude of contexts: machine learning, digital human development, behavioral research, academia, market research, sales, and everyday life. I have also trained my face to be able to voluntarily trigger isolated facial actions in order to create references with the highest level of accuracy. There are no comparable references with the same integrity, quality, detail, or accuracy.

  • upper face expanded

    • eyebrow combinations
    • detailed description of upper face actions of the eyes, nose, and mouth areas
    • front and 3/4 view GIFs
    • emotional significance of each movement 
    • common functions of each movement
    • common mistakes made in posed expression acting & how to spot them

  • eyebrow combinations

    • front and 3/4 view GIFs of all eyebrow combinations
    • detailed description of each combination
    • emotional significance of each combination 
    • common functions of each combination

  • lower face expanded

    • lower face cheat sheet expanded
    • front and 3/4 view GIFs of all lower face actions
    • detailed description of each action
    • emotional significance of each action 
    • common functions of each action
    • common mistakes made in posed expression acting & how to spot them

  • facial mocap  / expression capture tips & tricks

    • I spent 3 years collecting posed facial expression data. I worked on planning, instructional guides, employee training, and participant training. I developed my own system for explaining how to recognize failed poses as well as trigger desired poses in individuals.
    • The subscription package includes a general guide for researchers working with mocap or posed expression captures in both technology and art/VFX.

    • facial mocap

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Becoming a member supports my work. I regularly post free information via select blog articles, social media, and comprehensive FACS guides; and I will continue to do so.  Though I am all about posting free materials, this is my life’s work; so not everything can be free. The subscriber-only content of Face the FACS consists of advanced research, in-depth observations, and insights that come from curated cross-disciplinary research and years of study from the perspective of an industry expert.

This site is meant to be a source for long-term study, which is why I have priced the yearly subscription significantly lower (in total cost) than the monthly subscription. To get the most out of this blog, I highly suggest the yearly option. If you are unsure, there is plenty of free content to explore in the meantime.