FACS – cheat sheet

GIF-based FACS guide with isolated action units (AUs), proper FACS nomenclature, & corresponding muscle labels.

*See AU 11 & AU 23 for rare reference shots of nasolabial furrow deepener & lip tightener.

eyebrows & forehead

eyes & cheeks

infraorbital triangle things

If you are not familiar with the infraorbital triangle and the nasolabial furrow: You should be. Below are some lower face actions I feel are very influential to the infraorbital triangle. Melinda Ozel - nasolabial furrow deepener - infraorbital triangle

lip corner deformations

more mouth actions

orbicularis oris

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 1.13.54 PM
Eyebrow combination references HERE.
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 1.09.59 PMMore upper face references HERE.

AU Description Facial

For AUs 1-17, see tabs above

This FACS cheat sheet is under construction.

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18 lip pucker incisivii labii superioris and
incisivii labii inferioris
AU18 - lip pucker
20 lip stretcher risorius w/ platysma AU20 - lip stretcher
22 funneler orbicularis oris AU22 - funneler
23 lip tightener orbicularis oris AU23 - lip tightener
24 lip presser orbicularis oris AU24 - lip presser
25 lips part depressor labii inferioris
or relaxation of mentalis, or orbicularis oris
AU25 - lips parted
26 jaw drop masseter, relaxed temporalis
and internal pterygoid relaxed
AU26 - jaw drop
27 mouth stretch pterygoids, digastric AU27 - mouth stretch
28 lip suck orbicularis oris AU28 - lips suck
43 eyes closed relaxation of levator
palpebrae superioris; orbicularis oculi, pars palpebralis
AU43 - eye closure 
45 blink relaxation of levator -palpebrae superioris; orbicularis oculi, pars palpebralis blink
46 wink relaxation of levator
palpebrae superioris; orbicularis oculi, pars palpebralis

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