FACS lite – still & fast

AU1 - inner brow raiser

AU2 - outer brow raiser static image

AU4 - brow lowerer - before and after

AU5 - upper lid raiser GIFAU6 - cheek raiser - Melinda Ozel - Face the FACS

AU7 - lid tightener - Melinda Ozel - Face the FACS

AU9 - nose wrinkler - levator labii superioris alaeque nasi - Melinda Ozel - Face the FACSAU10 - upper lip raiser - levator labii superioris - caput infraorbitalis - disgust expressions - - Melinda Ozel - Face the FACS

AU12 - lip corner puller - zygomaticus major

AU13 - sharp lip puller - levator anguli oris

AU14 -dimpler- buccinator

I have coined two differentiations of the dimpler action: y-axis dimpler and z-axis dimpler. I have done so, because the existing FACS facial actions do not effectively encompass the depth of expression possible to achieve from the buccinator muscle (the muscle behind AU14).

There are two types of dimplers that I have observed:
1) y-axis dimpler – involving outer portions of the lip corners compressing against each other in a vertical plane
2) z-axis dimpler. – involving the inner mouth portions of the lip corners pushing against the teeth and inner cheeks

AU14 -dimpler- buccinator - z - axis

AU15 - lip corner depressor -depressor anguli oris