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Facial Expression Resources for artists

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Extended reference guides for…

    • upper face actions with front-facing and 3/4 views 
    • eyebrow combinations with front-facing and 3/4 views
    • lower face actions with front-facing and 3/4 views
    • authentic emotion video references
    • visemes with video references – front facing and 1/2 views
    • ARKit to FACS extended guide
    • facial mocap / posed expression capture tips & tricks

Access to exclusive research write-ups and educational articles on…

      • facial expressions 
      • tips for animators and riggers
      • under-researched topics in anatomy
      • behavior 

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here are all the resources you'll be getting with your membership

expression references & cheat sheets

formerly known as the “FACS Cheat Sheet”

upper face action units with descriptions and multiple angles

lower face action units with descriptions and multiple angles

brow action combinations with descriptions and multiple angles

authentic emotion references documented from real moments with contextual descriptions

viseme & speech reference guide with videos

ARKit to FACS translation guide

deep dives & information posts

Advanced facial expression tips, research, instructional guides, and commentary.

about the creator

Melinda Ozel - headshot

I’m a consultant and educator on all things face-related. Before pioneering a career path in expression science, I worked as a researcher at Meta and Affectiva where I used my expression expertise to advise the tracking and simulation of facial behavior. I now help companies in film, game, & tech create compelling animated characters and build high-fidelity face tracking technology.

Learn how you can work with me here!

past & present clients

Melinda Ozel - clients May 2020 - May 2022

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