emotion references

All clips below feature unposed expressions of emotion. I regularly record and document moments of authentic emotion and do my best to account for potential exaggeration due to camera presence. Situations where disingenuousness is a possibility are noted.

happiness spectrum


While posing a friend for a brow raise reference recording, we both started laughing spontaneously. The laughter was caught on camera.Β 

  • laughing at absurdity
  • relaxed setting with friends

sadness spectrum

crying while talking

This moment is from a series called August Anxcriety. It is one of the many breakdowns I experienced and recorded during 2020.

In this clip, I had been sobbing for an hour from stress / anxiety / depression; out of frustration, I began talking to the camera in various accents about my internal conflicts.

mixed laughing while crying

Another moment from August Anxicriety,Β a continuation from the above clip.

After speaking to the camera in accents, I recognized the ridiculous nature of the situation and began laughing briefly.

sadness to laughter

More 2020 depression cries.Β 

Here, I was intermittently crying while watching a movie. A funny scene made me laugh.

sticky lips, post-cry

More clips from August Anxcriety.

If you are applying sticky lips to a character, the consistency and stickiness levels vary in different contexts.

I’ve observed lip stickiness to increase heavily after a long cry. See here.

blowing nose, post-cry

August Anxcriety nose blow.

disgust spectrum

reaction to gross drink

Drinking an unappealing beverage in harsh, bright light. Though most of my reaction is due to the taste of the drink, it is important to factor in the lighting conditions, which likely played a part in my upper face expressions.

NOTE: While this is a genuine reaction, I did not take my usual measures to control for exaggeration.