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how I caught the feels

While watching skater injury videos in search of authentic fear, disgust, and/or pain reactions, I came across an unexpectedly sad video. Though the purpose of this viewing was to identify expressions in others, I had also been recording my own reactions, because injury videos can incite empathy expressions.

The video I came across featured a teenager falling off his board due to a seizure. Not the typical fall-on-your-face-after-miscalculating-a-rail-jump… I was caught off guard.

While my own sadness response was not any of the target emotions for that particular project, I loved how clearly the swirls of color mapped my face. The patches of red that painted my cheeks and the deep red that covered the tip of my nose.

The video is a sped-up version boomeranging back and forth between pre-reddened state and reddened-state to show the contrast.

The video is the full reaction in realtime.

future endeavors

As you may or may not know, the goal of Face the FACS is not to fixate on FACS – but to incorporate information from many modalities and acquire perspectives from different fields. Changes in blood flow and coloration are one of those excellent complementary modalities.

As I continue to explore genuine reactions, I will take note of color while also exploring relevant concepts in physiology. Once I haveย  compiled enough material, I hope to write a fuller piece.

SIDE NOTE: I have also been looking into differences between anime vs. Western cartoon expressions. Anime seems to capitalize a lot more on these distinct emotional color changes. Perhaps we should catch up? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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