eyelid crease variation

eyelid crease variation - beyond double lid creases and epicanthal folds

eyelid crease variation

The depth and amount of eyelid skin on each person’s face is highly variable. Despite these intricate variations, we often focus on simple differences such as the presence or absence of double lid creases and epicanthal folds. While these two features are indeed helpful to identify, our eyelids are built with much more detail.

Whether or not a double eyelid crease or an epicanthal fold is present, there are plenty of other lid folds to pay attention to. These folds come in different shapes, sizes, and locations and rest within all kinds of eye types from across the world.

Within these folds, hidden information like fine lines and skin markings can be found – and potentially even used as landmarks for tracking lid positions. Many face tracking companies focus solely on the double lid crease when defining facial landmarks for eyes; however, this simplified approach leaves out potential for other tracking markers – especially in faces without double lids.

Because of lid variation (and of course, a number of other factors as well), each person’s blink possesses unique characteristics; so always keep your observer eyes open!

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