Viseme & Speech Reference Guide

Welcome to the Viseme & Speech Reference Guide! The Viseme & Speech Reference Guide is a visual guide to English sounds for audiences working on speech animation.

Things to note:

  • This sheet is meant to go more in depth than the Viseme Cheat Sheet; it will  move beyond basic phonemes and cover important consonant blends as well as some popular English words.
  • Each viseme is variable. While some visemes possess fixed characteristics required for mechanical production (e.g. b/p/m will always need the lips to close), facial actions required for each viseme will fluctuate depending on numerous factors including – but not limited to – individual facial features and speech context.
  • This guide will contain a mixture of posed visemes as well as visemes from natural speech. Each will be indicated.

basic consonants

neutral / silent

no sound, relaxed

neutral / sil

b / p / m

IMPORTANT: /b/ and /p/ require the lips to part after the initial lip closure in order to propel air for the plosive sound.


as in buccinator


bilabial, plosive, voiced
realtime, then slowmo


as in pout


bilabial. plosivevoiceless
realtime, then slowmo


as in masseter


bilabial, nasal, voiced
realtime, then slowmo

ʧ / ʤ / ʃ / ʒ

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