login issues?

If you are experiencing the infinite login loop, have no fear!

Here are the steps to take to ensure a happy login:

  1. Create a WordPress account with the SAME email you used to sign up for Face the FACS.
    Face the FACS is powered by WordPress, and sometimes WordPress has a difficult time remembering users without a WordPress account. Creating a WordPress account helps WordPress remember your information.

  2. Enable two-factor authentication.
    I don’t know why this makes things work, but this is the magic that has done the trick for others.

  3. Sign into your new WordPress account.

  4. Sign into your Face the FACS user account.

  5. If you keep seeing the “prove your humanity” popup / get redirected to sign into WordPress:
    a. Solve the equation.
    b. Ignore the WordPress sign-in prompt.
    c. Go back to the premium content you were trying to access.  

  6. If things still do not work, email facetheFACS@melindaozel.com for help! I will break my back to fix your login problems.