portfolio reviews!

What is the process of getting a portfolio review?

The process is still in beta, but we can work out a custom setup based on your needs. For example, do you want me to critique a rig, a 3D model, or animation? All of these things and beyond are possible. Depending on your needs, I will tailor the experience. 

The first portfolio review I did was with a facial modeler. When we worked together, he sent me recordings of his model, and I gave detailed feedback via screenshots, notes, diagrams, references, and draw-overs. Here’s the work-in-progress piece he released after our review session.

What is the price of a portfolio review?

Depending on ______________ the prices will vary, but the minimum is $350.

  • your art medium
  • your body of work
  • how in-depth you want the feedback to be

How can I get a portfolio review?

Fill out the form below! Once I get your basic info, I will reach out so we can figure out a plan that best suits your art style, your goals, and your needs.