welcome. I’m looking for work!

Hello and welcome to Face the FACS. This blog is a passion project where I pour my interests and cross-disciplinary research into one place to share with the world.

I’ve been studying the art and science of facial expressions for almost eight years. I started out by using the Facial Action Coding System in an academic capacity but have since evolved to expand my studies in spaces such as:

  • machine learning
    • face tracking
    • emotion tracking
  • facial expression & animation design for:
    • virtual humans
    • creature design
    • emojis (all of Facebook’s emojis and newsfeed reactions – including the new Care Reaction)
  • UX research
  • market research
  • direct-to-consumer sales

I was just let go from my tech job (today!) due to COVID-19 budget cuts, and I’d love to be able to pay my rent. So, please reach out to – FacetheFACS@melindaozel.com to share any opportunities.

If you find my work helpful, please spread the word and share it with others. I would love to be able to support myself through freelance and consulting.

Also, if you’re feeling magnanimous –

5 thoughts on “welcome. I’m looking for work!”

    1. Well, most of the research I’ve been posting has been from readings and observations I do on my own time, so being let go of will not hinder that. In fact, it will give me more time to focus on the things I want to learn. However – I still need the moniezzz.

  1. Hey Melinda. Im starting my PhD in computer sciences and Im trying to improve my topic to research. Some ideas will be great! Are you open to mentorship? For sure as freelance will pay for your time 🙂

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