marketing tips & tricks: the smile

Smiles are an integral part of communication. Whether you are trying to find the right photo for an advertisement or working on blendshapes for avatars, it’s important to think about the same principles and take careful consideration in the messages you’re communicating.

I presented this deck to a creative group on how to identify different types of smiles in ads and everyday life. The purpose of this talk was to give an intro to avoiding negative leaked expressions and inauthentic smiles in advertising.

Using decades of fundamental emotion research, basics of facial anatomy, and original observations  – I present to you: “Authenticity in Advertising.”

NOTE: Despite the digestible imagery and bullet points, most slides require further explanation and context. Additionally, this deck does not cover the full scope of potential negative expressions and muscle combinations. I didn’t even touch the impact of the upper face!

Please reach out to set up a talk if interested in the full scope.