FACS – cheat sheet

GIF-based FACS guide with isolated action units (AUs), proper FACS nomenclature, & corresponding muscle labels

*See AU 11 & AU 23 for rare reference shots of nasolabial furrow deepener & lip tightener.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 1.13.54 PM
Eyebrow combination references HERE.
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 1.09.59 PM
More upper face references 

1inner brow raiserfrontalis, pars medialisAU1 GIF
2outer brow raiser

frontalis, pars lateralis

4brow lowerer

corrugator supercilii, depressor supercilii, depressor glabellae (aka procerus)

AU4 - brow furrow
5upper lid raiserlevator palpebrae superiorisAU 5 - GIF
6cheek raiserorbicularis oculi, pars
AU 6 GIF - cheek raiser
7lid tightenerorbicularis oculi, pars
AU7 - lid tightener GIF
9nose wrinklerlevator labii superioris, alaeque
AU9 - nose wrinkler
10upper lip raiserlevator labii superioris, caput infraorbitalis
11nasolabial furrow deepenerzygomaticus minorAU11
12lip corner pullerzygomaticus major
13sharp lip pullerlevator anguli oris
(aka caninus)
AU 13 action
14dimplerbuccinatorAU 14 movement
15lip corner depressordepressor anguli oris (aka
AU 15 - lip corner depressor
16lower lip depressordepressor labii inferiorisAU16 - lower lip depressor
17chin raisermentalisAU17 - chin raiser
18lip puckerincisivii labii superioris and
incisivii labii inferioris
AU18 - lip pucker
20lip stretcherrisorius w/ platysmaAU20 - lip stretcher
22funnelerorbicularis orisAU22 - funneler
23lip tightenerorbicularis orisAU23 - lip tightener
24lip presserorbicularis orisAU24 - lip presser
25lips partdepressor labii inferioris
or relaxation of mentalis, or orbicularis oris
AU25 - lips parted
26jaw dropmasseter, relaxed temporalis
and internal pterygoid relaxed
AU26 - jaw drop
27mouth stretchpterygoids, digastricAU27 - mouth stretch
28lip suckorbicularis orisAU28 - lips suck
43eyes closedrelaxation of levator
palpebrae superioris; orbicularis oculi, pars palpebralis
AU43 - eye closure 
45blinkrelaxation of levator -palpebrae superioris; orbicularis oculi, pars palpebralisblink
46winkrelaxation of levator
palpebrae superioris; orbicularis oculi, pars palpebralis

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