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I specialize in the art and science of facial expressions. Using the Facial Action Coding System as a descriptive device, I teach artists, engineers, and researchers how to build and break down facial movements and emotions.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge, mitigating false face news, and giving people the tools they need to create or track salient expressions. My expertise applies to any level of realism and stylization as well as any type of face – from human to creature or object.
On the tech side, I’ve been working on realtime face tracking since 2016 for applications such as expression tracking for avatar puppeteering and emotion detection technology.

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Melinda Ozel's clients

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products I’ve worked on


  • Expressive Avatars
    • directed facial expression shapes for entire expression library
    • advised engineering on triggers for ambient facial expressions
  • Oculus LipSync
  • Pixel Light Effects Avatars
    • worked with team to develop use-case-specific digital human library of expressions
    • advised on reverse engineering & reconstructing facial poses


  • Facebook Care Reaction  
    • worked with the Facebook Emoji Team to design the new Care Reaction
    • advised how to portray emotion and key facial expressions through simple design
    • advised animators on ideal expression sequences
  • Facebook Emoji
    • advised emotion & expression design
    • championed updated emoji set that encourages cross-platform standardization of key expressions (See Mindful Design: Everything You Did and Didn’t Want to Know About Emoji)
  • Facebook Newsfeed Reactions
    • advised emotion design & animation sequence
  • Facebook Feeling/Activity 


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For lectures, workshops, or consulting, please reach out: facethefACS@melindaozel.com